Thinklux LED Grow Light with Flowering/Veg Modes - 400 Watt

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Grow Lamp


Thinklux LED Grow Lights offer an extraordinary value for both professional and hobbyist growers alike. Utilizing the latest full spectrum technology this 400W grow light provides a full spectrum of 7 bands of energy for consistent, quality results.

  • Veg/Flower Mode Control Switch to customize spectrum
  • 7 Spectral Bands for Vegetative Growth and Flowering
  • Superlative PAR Value: 580umol @ 36 in. 320umol @ 60 in.
  • 50,000 Hour Life
  • 80x5W LED Light Engine
  • Active Cooling System


Actual Power Consumption: 250 Watts
LED Engine: 80 x 5w; 50,000 hour lifespan
Spectrum: 7 Bands for vegetative growth and flowering: Red(620-630nm); Red(650-660nm); Blue(430-440nm);Blue(450-460nm); Yellow(585-590nm); White(6500K); IR(730nm).
Lens angle: Mixture of 60, 90, and/or 120 degree lenses to provide even coverage and reduce hot spots
PAR: 27umol at 36 in.
Max Coverage area: 7sq. ft. (84" x 84")
Thermal management: 
Cooling fan with heatsink
Daisy chain:
19.5 in. x 11.4 in. x  3.34 in.
Operating temperature: 
+5F to +104F
Operating/input voltage:
Product weight:
 13  lbs
Recommended height above plants:
36 inches
Product includes: 
Hanging kit; Modular power cord
Recommended for: 
Full cycle growing; Indoors only
Manufacturer's Warranty: 
1 year