LED Grow Light - 100 Watt - Ultra Violet (UV) - Full Cycle (Vegetative and Flowering)

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Introducing the BlackStar 100 Watt UFO LED Grow Light with UV. Designed and developed by Lighthouse Hydro, one of the foremost experts in LED grow light technology since 2008. 

The BlackStar 100 Watt is the newest addition to the BlackStar series! It features twice the 2 watt chips as the 50 watt model to further increase both Lux and Par output. Broad beam profile allows the use of just one or many units for uniform growing. A great unit for the first time grower as well as more experienced or professional growers looking to eliminate dark areas of their grow room. Combine with HID or Fluorescent grow lights for a hybrid growing environment.

Lighthouse Hydro has formulated their lights to maximize the color spectrum needed for vegetative and flowering growth and feature 6 Spectral Bands (6 unique color wavelengths). LEDs are the most efficient lights in existence today due to their low energy consumption and high light output. Any heat produced by the unit is absorbed by the heat sink and dissipated by the fans in the rear of the light.


Power Consumption: 41 watts
LED Engine: 50 x 2w; 50,000 hour lifespan
Spectrum: Multiple for vegetative growth and flowering: 380nm, 425nm, 630nm, 660nm, 730nm, 12000K
Lens angle: Mixture of 60, 90, and/or 120 degree lenses to provide even coverage and reduce hot spots
PAR: 108mol at 18''
Coverage area: 2 sq ft (16" x 16'')
Thermal management: 
Cooling fan
Daisy chain: 
Operating temperature: 
+5F to +104F
Operating/input voltage:
85-264v AC
Product weight:
2.5 lbs
Recommended height above plants: 
12 inches
Product includes: 
Hanging kit; Modular power cord
Recommended for: 
Full cycle growing; Indoors only
Manufacturer's Warranty: 
1 year all inclusive